Entropic America: Gun Legislation Shot Down Again

Anti-gun legislation has beenĀ shut down on the senate floor. America’s obsession with guns and their right to have as many as possible will be the country’s undoing in the end.

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

It’s the entropic element of a society that would rather shoot itself in the head than lose the freedom to do so.

Demolition on Fulton Street

There was a fire on Fulton Street – on the other side of our block – on March 18. (Click on image for video.)Screenshot (47)Demolition crews arrived two weeks later and have steadily reduced the building, story by story. (Click on image for video.)Screenshot (48)It has been a fascinating procedure to witness – the meticulous and pounding aspects of such a reduction – almost like watching a fireplace. (Click on image for video.)Demo Apr17 pt2It is certainly an excellent distraction from writing.

Why Sports Journalism Isn’t Really Journalism

ESPN Interviewer, Steve Levy: “In your wildest imagination, could you imagine anything like this happening?”Screenshot (45)Boston Marathoner, Bill Iffrig: “No. Well, I came last year, and the weather was so bad last year, it was so hot, I had a really bad day. But this year, I had a good day. I had a good time, but this incident did kind of spoil it.”

Brief History of Me Not Blogging

I took a blog break of a week or so for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was technically impaired – something wrong with my cache – and second, I was immersed in Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. STEPHEN-HAWKING-large570It is a challenge to absorb his lucid examination of worlds both extraordinarily small and massive, so much so as to inspire a kind of vertigo. A couple of the more dizzying facts he offers: distant galaxiesOur galaxy is one of some hundred thousand million, each galaxy containing some hundred thousand million stars. (48)twinparadox(T)here is no unique absolute time, but instead each individual has his own personal measure of time that depends on where he is and how he is moving. (44) DSCN2476Apparently, on Earth, sea level is the place to be.

Character Tattoos

Personally, I don’t understand tattoos. As much as I might be fascinated by Hannah Arendt at the moment, I think it would be a mistake to get a tattoo. hannaarendtsudomenica16ye8The same is true for Kiribati.

Kiribatan flag

Kiribatan flag

It’s even true for Victoria’s Secret. sexy witch nameAll of that said, a tattoo can be good short form for an aspect of a character in fiction. It’s a device I am toying with at the moment in The Ark. One character is a video game addict. video-game-famous-characters-tattoosAnother says little. away tattooAnd the last, ironically, overstates.tree tattoo

Kiribati in “The Ark”

The story of The Ark has drifted briefly into the Pacific Ocean and a collection of islands known as Kiribati. kiribatiThe location is one of the poorest nations in the world and is best known by Westerners as the site of The Battle of Tarawa in World War IIkiribati junkand the most likely nation to vanish due to global warming. Book your tickets quick.kiribati beach