Super Bowl Boulevard: A Whole Lotta Nothing

The Super Bowl is in New York with the cold hype of hyping hype.20140128_121359Broadway is closed from 47th down to 34th with kiosks and sad fanfare. 20140129_165423They recommend pre-registration, but it doesn’t even work, not the badges, neither the machines.20140129_202021There is a promise of giveaways, kicking field goals, seeing the Vince Lombardi trophy, playing trivia contests. 20140129_19324720140129_165624But the process is slow, often broken, with the long lines stuck in the dark, cold and endless. 20140129_192655

Eternal Recurrence “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Inside Llewyn Davis starts where it ends, in desperation and isolation. inside-llewyn-davis-movie-wallpaper-7Moments recur, varied but not; characters change and don’t. Llewyn Davis sees himself in his incontinent father, his wide-eyed nephew, his various hosts and the cat. llewyn-davis-cat-gifUlysses is an interesting creature, always escaping, down the fire escape, on the road, on a movie poster, there and not there, almost like Schrodinger says, but more like an animal of eternal recurrence, life in a loop. escher staircaseThe Coen brothers’ latest film is remarkable simply because it pretends to be simple, reiterating the basic truth that everything has already been done.

The Judas Animal

Apparently animals need to be tricked into the slaughterhouse. An animal is trained to lead them inside.JudasgoatThis is known as the Judas Goat (or Cow, Pig etc.). In exchange for its betrayal, the animal gets a lazy, longer life. equalpigsBut it leads me to wonder if the animal knows what it has done. If it realizes that it was the only animal to survive the trip? Does it remember? Have a conscience? farsidecowsDoes it think of suicide?

“Salinger” – The Spectacle

Like many, I am curious about the enigma of J.D. Salinger. I would like to know why, after writing The Catcher in the Rye, he vanished from the public eye so long ago. Screenshot (537)The film Salinger doesn’t answer any questions but rather is an an indicator for why Salinger never emerged.

There are a few interesting interviews: Jean Miller, the muse for For Esme – with Love and Squalor, is interviewed extensively about her relationship as a teenager with Salinger.Screenshot (545)An old friend A.E. Hotchner, tells how his relationship with Salinger ended suddenly when, unbeknownst to him, his magazine, Cosmopolitan, published a Salinger short story, Scratchy Needles on a Phonograph Record, but changed the title to Blue Melody.Screenshot (557)There is some thought-provoking conjecture regarding his wartime experiences, his fixation on young women and his dedication to his writing, as well as his secluded life in Cornish, New Hampshire.

Screenshot (568)But it amounts to little more than sensational hyperbole; either the people don’t know him, or did briefly long ago, or they have an ax to grind. It’s an attention-seeking movie in the end, re-affirming Salinger’s point of staying away.  Screenshot (553)

Leaving Earth: Going Spatial

What would it mean to leave this planet?m16 image by travis rector.  correction layers added by mark hannaNot just in orbit or for a period of months, but somewhere far away to not return for years or not at all?

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield said that the biggest challenge of a trip to Mars would be coping with the isolation. hadfield“Within a month or so you won’t be able to have a real-time conversation ever again with Earth, the delay will be so long…So that crew within weeks will become Martians psychologically. They will no longer be of Earth.”
Shuttle launch pilot“How do you keep your crew from going crazy?”
IMG_3120We define our sense of self through a context. What is the context of no longer being here?

Genesis of Janus

I stand corrected. Yesterday’s storm did have a name: Janus. 20140121_204033

Janus was cold and snowy, briefly grounding transportation. 20140121_204450 20140121_203708 20140121_204145But what does Janus, the Roman God of Beginnings & Endings, have to do with our winter weather? janusIs it to be released as part of a film collection?20130214004542!Janus_films_logoWas it inspired by a disprosopus creature?
Rare-two-faced-cat-sets-record-7IEBN4H-x-largeA marketing ploy by Jill Janus of Huntress? jilljanusOr was it just a random moniker from the weather office? bricktamland

I gots to know.