How Not To Write

I am a little stuck with my writing at the moment. While iI like to use the excuse that I have begun a new teaching job as the reason for my procrastination, the truth is that I will do anything to avoid the page.

I will shovel. 20140209_123928Chop up the ice on the driveway. 20140209_115229Do the dishes.20140209_113620Burn the garbage. 20140209_113409Sweep out the ant. 20140209_113854I will even watch Mitt Romney iron his sleeve. (A ridiculous film by the way.)Screenshot (773)Anything to avoid opening that document.Screenshot (779)

The Russian Revolution after this Commercial Break

Americans have hyped the Sochi Olympics with anti-glee, reveling in every problem with tweets and drivel. AP_Twin_Toilets_bc_140202_16x9_992While they have perhaps begun to tone down their ritualistic vitriol for the opening ceremonies, they can’t let go of old prejudices.

Promised NBC commentators¬†Lauer, Viera and Remnick,during the opening ceremonies, “The Russian revolution coming up after this commercial break…”0207-SOCHI-OPENING-CEREMONY_full_600“The revolution is probably the touchiest period in Russian history,” they continued. “The turmoil in Soviet society,¬†without ever mentioning the word Lenin.”sochi-4rings-43e35e1df7a0a2018b984580dd41b3d4adab90f6-s6-c30“They are proud of Ladas here,” they moved on. “Unfortunately they became a punchline for the rest of the world.”AP_putin_olympics_sk_140207_16x9_608“This is Vladimir Putin’s Russia,” they concluded. “And he is insisting that we look at the political power of Russia tonight.”37713_G08_W01Look out. Here come the ballet dancers.


Love Portal at 14th Street Station

Lots of people busk in the New York subway, but there is no show like this. 20140204_184902Love Portal is comprised of three guys who dance crazily, bouncing off each other and the walls, in this instance to Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild. 20140204_184851 20140204_185003 20140204_185024I have no idea what any of it meant, and I don’t think they were too clear about that either.¬†20140204_185206Said the guy with pantyhose over his face to the guy in the body-stocking after it was over, “What’s your name again?”

How to Make Rude People Feel Uncomfortable

I went to see Bernardo at The Rock Shop on Friday. The show was awesome.20140131_213140However I was in the back – where the sound is best – and had a couple of people talking in front of me, talking non-stop, their backs to the music. Normally I would tell them to shut up or move, but I am trying to better, kinder version of myself and so employed a different method. I used the flash on my phone. 20140131_220041And it worked, sort of; they hated it – ducking and turning away and stopped for a moment. 20140131_220102But then, after I had done it twice, they went back to talking. 20140131_212759The show still rocked.