The Retaining Wall at the 911 Museum

The 911 Museum is a bit of a quagmire. Objects aren’t objects but icons of unimaginable suffering, both past and present. 20140608_131746However one thing stands out: the retaining wall, looming, the wall at the foundations of the towers that, despite the collapse, kept the river from running down into the tunnels under the city. It’s certainly something to remember.

My Weirdest Lie – Boy Throws Hockey Stick

I’ve lied about many dumb things in my life, but the weirdest of all is from my pre-teen days.

I rode my Banana bike around Forest Hill, a neighborhood of manicured lawns and three-car garages, going up and down the cobblestone hill on Vesta Drive. 164325739tpm_8071I had Trix spoke beads and had somehow hypnotized myself to try a dumb thing: I wanted to see what would happen if I jammed a stick into the front wheel as I pedaled.

Spoke beads

Spoke beads

So I did that and, not too surprisingly, flipped over the handlebars.

A woman yelled from across her lawn, “Are you all right?”

I hobbled away, my knee bleeding, my wheel wobbly, desperate not to explain my stupidity. However the problem lay ahead of how to answer to my mother.

I couldn’t come up with much of anything except that I had been somehow attacked. Forest Hill isn’t exactly a place of marauding gangs – although I had once been challenged to fight in the ravine by a dozen 9-year-olds – and so I came up with a story that I thought might suffice. article-2349229-1A871578000005DC-484_634x411“This kid came running out from behind his house and threw his hockey stick like a spear. It went right into my front wheel and I went flying.”

My mother scowled – she was good at that – and walked away. I don’t think she believed any of it but she was never one for digging.

Stark and Compelling: “Residents of New York”

More Art, a non-profit arts organization in New York, has produced a remarkable piece by photographer Andres Serrano, on display in the West 4th subway station in New York. 20140608_172233Micaela Martegani, director of More Art, addressed the aims of her organization in realizing this stark and compelling work that focuses on the homeless of New York.

Micaela Martegani, More Art

Micaela Martegani, More Art

“Homelessness has wildly escalated in recent years, and yet we all tend to ignore it. I believe that we all share responsibility, and artists can help us see. Artists can make an issue public for all to see, without lengthy lectures.” 20140527_143518“This is a sensitive topic and we have tried to be as sensitive as possible. Many of these men and women are tired of being invisible and want to be noticed and heard; the work is dedicated to all these people who despite their personal difficulties chose to participate.”Chambers & West Side Hwy (3) “The project crosses between an art installation and an awareness campaign. We wanted to make it as visible as possible, and so posted the images not only in the 4th Street subway station but also in Laguardia Place, construction sites in the area, as well as phone booths all over the city.”Kingand6thAve_1“As far as the future, More Art has a few projects in the works, including a performance for the fall, when we will also be celebrating our 10th Anniversary.” 20140605_233039The project will be up in the West 4th subway station until June 15, 2014.