Blue Jay Fanaticism: Winning is All

It appears that all of Toronto have fallen madly in love with Price, Donaldson, Encarnancion and the rest of the Toronto Blue Jays. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.00.17 AMUnderstood that it has been more than twenty years since the Blue Jays have made the playoffs, the longest streak in major league sports, but I still find this sudden blind adoration too much. bjfansWhere were all of these Torontonians over the past twenty years, when the likes of Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green and Roy Halladay were wearing the good old BJ?Toronto-Blue-Jays-summer-2012This notion of supporting a team only when it wins is superficial to say the least. It’s not that I don’t like the Blue Jays – I remember their first game against the White Sox like it was yesterday – but I do not jibe with this fanaticism. jays-5Because it’s not just the winning, not in the least. It’s the hard grind of building, the many long seasons, the many downs….yes, that’s where true fans are born. leafsrobbedGo Leafs Go.

Ice Friday: Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird”

Ms. Lamott’s advice to get started in writing, as offered in her book Bird by Bird, is to sit down and write. “Put a piece of paper in the typewriter, stare at it, and eventually you will write.” (6, Bird by Bird) IMG_4769As a rank amateur, I must disagree. Driving oneself through unnecessary anxiety is not only foolish, it is only also detrimental to the process.

Instead, I would recommend that one just relax, do whatever it is that gets the mind on a path – be this through walking, staring, drinking, watching nature videos – and when the idea comes, as it must, it must be noted however it can be set, through pen and paper or text messaging, and then set aside for a starting point. _MG_5015And later, with that in hand, is where to begin.

Scene from “Glenayr” Expunged

Expunged scene from Glenayr:

DAVIS smokes a joint behind The Morrissey Bar with ERDLEY and SUE ANN.

SUE ANN (Smoking the joint): My brother Andy isn’t so bad. You know why he’s so angry? He saw our father drown. All of it right in front of his eyes.

ERDLEY: No shit?

SUE ANN: We were in the Caribbean, snorkeling, and he, like, swam off, looking for buried treasure or something. And then just sunk. (Pause) He had a seizure. That’s what they said. Dead. The guide went after him. He drowned too.

ERDLEY (Stunned): No.

SUE ANN: My brother was floating on the surface. He saw the guy grab my father’s leg. Saw both of them sink into the darkness. (Continues to smoke the joint) Little Andy saw everything. We came back with our father in a casket.

ERDLEY: Holy fuck.

DAVIS: Were you close to him?

SUE ANN gives the end of the joint – with barely anything left – to DAVIS.

SUE ANN: The worst part was seeing the moray eels bite off his head.

ERDLEY: An eel? What?

SUE ANN: (Going back inside The Morrissey): Jesus, you fuckwits, you believed me?

ERDLEY: No. Really?