You Look So Alone

Being alone isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. It’s actually good. It’s a time to collect thoughts, reflect and be and all of that. It can even be reveled in.20150105_172554That said, it’s not good to look alone, when someone is likely to approach with the dreaded words, “Oh, you look so alone.”

“I look alone? Really? Well, I am. We all are, don’t you know?”
alone2What’s wrong with staring off into the distance? Why must standing apart be seen as a telltale sign of depression? What is so bothersome about being alone?20150217_182752It’s sure as hell better than having to listening to someone else chatter on. “Can you give me a couple of bucks? I lost my bag. They took everything.”

Fischli & Weiss’ Film: The Right Way

Peter Fischli & David Weiss’ 1983 film The Right Way features their mascot icons Rat and Bear journeying through the Swiss Alps. Screenshot (94)Rat and Bear drift through caves, glaciers and swamps, less a representation of the world as our fears, hubris and inability to focus.Screenshot (91)Like Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, Rat and Bear dally with a primal essence that comes out in moments of loss, confusion and incongruous observations.
Screenshot (102)Their aimless path drifts from the brink of death to congratulating each other on being at the top of the food chain to trying to kill each other, caricaturing the men inside the outfits.Screenshot (108)

Whatever sense can be made of Rat and Bear, I do wonder how much it might damage a child to see and hear any of this.

Ice Friday: Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco’s Only Brother:

We carved an entire range of mountains

out of styrofoam block, covered their peaks

with sand for snow, the slopes with pines,

the valleys with fall maples and live oaks.P1000813

We made great rivers flow on the illusion

of tin foil crinkled and painted royal blue,

crossed them with mighty balsa bridges.P1000891

We placed townspeople where we wanted:

gazing into the shops, gathered at the chapel,

or waiting for the train, lapping obediently

under our command around the village

that took us six years to build, and one day,

in the backyard, we set it on fire, quietly

stood by the flames and let it all vanish.

The Window is Open

They were driving from San Francisco down to Monterey, and Davis wasn’t feeling well. He had waxed immortal the night before, fueled by drink and Guided by Voices. 20140823_225836It seemed to Davis that Ellen was driving badly, changing back and forth into the lane, bumping methodically over the strips of tars, just to worsen his nausea.

“You have to pull over.” He didn’t make it out of the car and pressed his The Club is Open T-shirt over his face so tight that the puke shot up inside his sunglasses.

She stared out the windshield, her arms crossed. “You’re disgusting.”

“Do you have a napkin or something?”

“Remember that we’re staying at Doris Day’s Bed & Breakfast tonight?” She rolled down her window.204721890392e6be0c8ca86ff1e3ce49“I guess I should get another shirt.” He half expected her to drive away as he rummaged in the trunk.

She rolled down her window. “She might even be there, you know.”

But she wasn’t and he slept in the big bed with the window open and had a shower and a very good dinner after that.

Ducks, Magnetic Permeability & Rogue Waves

Today’s writing entailed the following research:

Good food for ducks: Wheat, grapes, frozen peas, earthworms and any salad mix. 20140703_152202Magnetic Permeability: The permeability constant (µ0), also known as the magnetic constant or the permeability of free space, is a measure of the amount of resistance encountered when forming a magnetic field in a classical vacuum

Rogue WavesLarge and spontaneous surface waves in open water.Screenshot (90)They can be extremely dangerous, even to large ships.