American Hustled

American Hustle is a con. I don’t mean the film is about a con – which it is – but that it’s a con of a movie. Screenshot (306)Promising a story with actual characters and plot, it’s a meander through moments, some of them okay, that are glued together by obsessively iconic ’70s music and deep cleavage.Amy Adams;Jennifer LawrenceChristian Bales’s performance is wasted as are some intriguing scene with Jennifer Lawrence. Much better con movies have been made, including The Sting (1973) and The Spanish Prisoner (1997).spanish-prisoner_0These films have an actual plot and don’t bludgeon you to death with vacuous morality at the end. So see them instead.

2 thoughts on “American Hustled

  1. Totally disagree. I thought it tantalized you with what you expected to be an iconic Scorcese style camera pan, but once the camera would land on a character whom you expected to button the scene with a cliched line, there would be some sort of bungled dialogue, like a brilliantly broken expectation and welcome original joke when you were expecting some tired 70’s bullshit. Total cinematic Trojan horse. I also thought It was Christian Bale’s best work.

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