Quiet No More

There was a day, many years ago, when arenas allowed for silence.Quiet No MoreA moment to consider existence, our utter meaninglessness in the vastness of this universe, interrupted occasionally by a polka played on the organ or a lone plastic horn.Quiet No MoreThere were no big screens, no video replays, no music, just you and your thoughts.

Quiet No MoreThose intermittent moments are no longer. Quiet No MoreTrivia games are played at every turn, music blared, T-shirts shot into the crowd.Quiet No MoreAnd I no longer have the time to think about which might be better.Quiet No More

3 thoughts on “Quiet No More

  1. “Much like in Peterborough, there is a gigantic portrait of HM the Queen hanging over one end of the ice along with several flags.”

    see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterborough_Memorial_Centre

    Portraits like those offer us a reason to sit / stand and to ponder one’s existence – say in the face of ‘Her’ meaning, WW1 dead, WW11 dead, Korean Conflict dead, Killed peace-keepers, Afghanistan dead, and here I sit was a cold beer and a warm hotdog, alive to the sounds of The Game.

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