Bachelorette Jade Elizabeth: Condemned for Sex

I feed my guilty pleasure for The Bachelor not because I want to see anyone find “true love” nor participate in a drinking game based on the amount of times a character says, “This is amazing!”, but rather to witness the humorous and pathetic decline of American civilization. The Bachelor season 15Last night’s episode (Week 8 of Season 19) was no exception. Viewers witnessed Jade Elizabeth reveal pictures from her Playboy shoot to Bachelor Chris Soules on her computer. JadeshowsnudesConfused between arousal and indignation, Chris bumbled through a proclamation that he would stand behind Jade if he were to choose her as his intended…and then went on to dump her the next day. Jade criesThe Bachelor offers that unique hybrid of American television which attempts to straddle the impossible: trashy titillation and a wholesome Christian story. bachelor bikini girlsGirls get drunk, do various stunts in bikinis, act with spite and scorn toward one another and then reflect thoughtfully on their Christian values and what it is to love. vancouver bachelor girlAs amusing as all of this might be, I do find myself getting irritated at the hypocrisy when it is so foully-craft as the broadcast last nightbachelor-newmexico-1Forgetting the fact that Chris, while promoted as true and pure, has at the very least indulged in porn-surfing and attended a strip club or two, no matter what he, his family, town or state might think of making money (or just expressing oneself) through nude modelling, it is inane to judge anyone on these standards. Bachelor JadeAs it states in the Constitution of the United States, a document fervently cited by Republicans, Democrats, libertarians and capitalists alike, it is everyone’s right to exercise “the blessings of liberty to ourselves.”

An issue to consider instead might be the presence of guns in the household of potential mates. Indeed, what if it turned out that one of the contestants had a relative who had a treasure trove of assault weaponry in the home? Would the music turn ominous? Would the bachelorette scowl and flee? Or would she be forced to don her bikini and let her rip? girls shoooting it upAs for Jade, I hope that the producers of The Bachelor have the wherewithal  to select her for next season’s Bachelorette so that we can watch all the eager boys shrug off her so-called past “for all the right reasons.”california-bonafide-163

6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Jade Elizabeth: Condemned for Sex

  1. Yup – nothing like it. I can’t watch any of this stuff – it hurts.

    And do agree with your “…but rather to witness the humorous and pathetic decline of American civilization.”

    And I add the decline of not only American but “civilization” in general.

    Ugly world – perpetuated by mass media.

  2. So I want an honest response from the author… Would you be shaming a woman for doing what he did? What is wrong with him going along with his morals and standards? It may not have been just that. It may have been that and other things about her that he just didn’t like.
    BTW I can’t believe I have to say this but posing naked isn’t sex. Everybody has their own reasons and everybody has their own limits. Maybe doing playboy was beyond his limit when it came to the person he wanted to actually have a serious future with.

    • Shaming a man for posing naked in a magazine? What magazine is this? Guns and Ammo? Hmm, the odds on this possibility are quite long. (Give me an equal world, and I will give you an equal answer.) As to your BTW, posing naked, in essence, is expressing sexuality, which she is what she was condemned for. Instead of pretending not to judge Jade Elizabeth, Chris Soules should have owned up to the fact that he didn’t like her for that. Honesty is what she deserved.

      • “As to your BTW, posing naked, in essence, is expressing sexuality,”
        You must be from the U.S….. Nudity and sex are not the same thing.

        “Chris Soules should have owned up to the fact that he didn’t like her for that. ”
        Like I said before there could have been other reasons on top of that. We should he have to say “I don’t like you because you posed nude?”

        Would you expect a woman to tell a guy she finds unatractive that she doesn’t like him because he is “ugly and fat?”

        I also think you misunderstood when I said “Would you be shaming a woman for doing what he did?”
        I meant would you shame a woman for choosing a person based on her own morals and standards? This entire post is shaming him for his choice. Him not choosing her was not shaming her.

        Its funny you mentioned an equal world. It is pretty equal in first world countries. Not perfect but still good.

        • Thanks for the follow up.

          I agree that all nude photos are not sexual in nature. However these particular photos of Jade Elizabeth clearly express her sexuality.

          Chris Soules did not have to say anything about it. What I object to is his claim that it wasn’t because of the photos. He never had to mention the issue.

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