Bad News Bruin of Hockey

I’m sick of the bad behavior in hockey these days, especially from Boston Bruiin Milan Lucic. Bad News Bruin of HockeyNot only did he threaten Canadiens players in the handshake after the game last night – apparently he’s going “to fucking get them next year” – but far worse, he deliberately tried to injure Danny Dekeyser in the previous series by stabbing his stick into his groin. Bad News Bruin of HockeyAs amusing as some might find all of this – to say nothing of water bottles being sprayed to insult and mock – it is terrible for the game of hockey.

Bad News Bruin of Hockey

Lundqvist mocks Crosby

Indeed this garbage is reminiscent of the dark days of the 1970s, the Philadelphia Flyers – the self-proclaimed bullies of the league – and Bobby Clarke, infamous for breaking Russian Valery Kharlamov’s ankle in the 1972 Summit Series. Bad News Bruin of HockeyNone of this is a matter of “boys being boys” – as some are chuckling – but rather is a terrible embarrassment for the sport and must be eradicated. It’s not a difficult task. Suspensions of 5-10 games would work for the first infraction,  20-40 games for the second incident and a lifetime ban for the third. Bad News Bruin of HockeyThere are other leagues in the world, and perhaps Lucic would be a better fit somewhere else.

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  1. Boof! Boof! This thing on? Hello? Hi, Gord here. First time caller. Now, that’s some good fiction! Tense. Hysterical. Compassionate, even. But, ‘terrible for hockey’?! C’mon Don. You know what? NHL Hockey is terrible – as in unsafe, unwell, troubled, tribal, lacking in respect from top to bottom, disingenuous. If sports are meant to hint at man’s ideal, not merely reflect our reality. I see a whole lot more wrong with the NHL game – a much more difficult, if insurmountable task – than Milan Lucic.

    • Hockey is a great sport because it is so tough or, as Aeschylus tells us, “we must suffer into truth”. The bad sportsmanship of Mssers Lucic, Thornton & Lunqvist is not what the sport is about; these guys need rock massage therapy in a bad, bad way.

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