BAM Marathon: The Iceman Exhausteth

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is currently staging Eugene O’Neil’s marathon play, The Iceman Cometh. BAM Marathon: The Iceman ExhaustethAt just under five hours (!!!), the play delivers its message in the form of a blunt object (“the pipe dream”) ad nauseum, inducing an uneasy drowsiness for actors and audience alike.BAM Marathon: The Iceman ExhaustethWhile the acting of Nathan Lane, Brian Denehy et al is solid, as are some tableau moments, the trauma of this painfully slow drama begs the services of a certain tool. BAM Marathon: The Iceman ExhaustethThe highlight of the evening was in fact the relief of it being over and then getting on the NBA All-Star subway train home.BAM Marathon: The Iceman ExhaustethAlthough even this moment of reprieve became painfully slow.BAM Marathon: The Iceman Exhausteth

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