Bobby Nystrom Figurine Smashed in Malice

I’ve never liked Bobby Nystrom. Brash and conceited, he’s the New York Islander I remembered for almost taking out Borje Salming’s eye in 1978. And so it was with a mix of revulsion and childish glee that I received his figurine at Barclay’s Center on Bobby Nystrom Night. I knew I would destroy it as soon as I had it. But what started out as a joke – it was Lorne Henning and not Nystrom who was responsible for Salming’s injury – turned into a glimpse of a personal abyss, in the creation of seedy ISIS-ish video.In my mind, it was fine and funny, something I had to do, but as an act it wasn’t. It was awful really, just wrecking something for a reason that didn’t exist. Not that I’m sad it’s gone.

4 thoughts on “Bobby Nystrom Figurine Smashed in Malice

  1. You can’t bash Bobby Ny!

    Conceited? Are you high? He’s like the most humble limited talent ultimate tribute to hard work and tenacity we have in sport.

    How about some homework and tell me how many athletes have their number retired or ring of honor etc and are NOT in the Hall of Fame

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