Celebrate 2019 by Going to 2124

For your 2019 resolution, pretend that it’s 2123 and you’re on The Anori where living at light speed brings into question every arriving anywhere.

A distinct image of Lai flashed in Calli’s mind, not when she stared back, not her empty eyes, her thin pale lips, but her turning away, turning her body, involuntarily turning, choosing oblivion. “Lai should never have left.”

“Calli, I thought we agreed not to talk about that anymore.”

“She didn’t deserve what we did to her.”

Ashe duplicated the file and saved that to her Bearing. “It’s not worth arguing about.”

“Ashe, you need to accept what you did, what we all did to her.”

“No, Calli. She did it to herself. She did everything to herself. Everything, the exile, the trials, The Hive and The Hollow. Everything.”

“I knew her, Ashe. I knew her better than anyone.”

“I don’t agree, Calli. I think Em knew her better than anyone. She knew her for twice as long as you, maybe more. She did everything with her. And what did she say about Lai?”

“Lai created Em. It’s hard to have a clear opinion of your maker.”

“Em was very clear in her opinion. Very clear. She said it over and over again. Lai couldn’t stop herself. She was addicted to her power. That’s what destroyed her.”

“Don’t be such a simple human.”

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