Counting Olympic Medals

The Olympics confuse me.

Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova

Is the medal count simply calculated by the sum total? This currently results in these standings: 1. Russia 2. USA 3. Norway

Or are the medals weighted at Gold (3), Silver (2), Bronze (1)? Which creates this ranking: 1.Russia 2.Norway 3. USA and Canada  (tie).

Or is it the Gold standard, focusing solely on the total of Golds (and using Silver and Bronze as tie-breakers)? 1. Russia 2. Norway 3. Canada.

_72844207_hi020961546Whatever the system, I find my Olympic excitement waning. I’m instead considering what seems to the more important question: Why does one count Olympic medals? podium jumpThis counting patriotism leaves something to be desired, constantly turning to the next event, looking for the right flag, focusing on the new countryman to give her all. France's Thomas Krief slides during men's freestyle skiing halfpipe finals at 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa KhutorWhile I have certainly cheered on my country, I have only found myself invested in Canada’s games: hockey and curling.

Kaitlin Lawes

Kaitlin Lawes

The passion of these Canadians is unchecked, the intensity bordering on hate – the good kind; you will never see a more indifferent handshake at game’s end.

Marie-Philip Poulin

Marie-Philip Poulin

It’s a raw display without the niceties and platitudes. And it’s a lot better than the counting game.

3 thoughts on “Counting Olympic Medals

  1. Good stuff Donny! It’s all about curling and hockey — who cares about totals? Canada takes the 4 main event Gold Medals and I’m happy – and there is only one more to go!!! Champagne and Ceasars tomorrow morning at 7:00!

  2. Stop being so cocktail sure Mr Downie. I would suggest to you both the ideal notion of celebrating the world’s accomplishment of peace and not brutality as being the illizer for the moment.

    Don, excellent images.d

  3. I’m surprised this old blackberry pad thing even still works, Don, you’re so right, the games are solo, team experiences are for team events, concentrate on the Norwegian teams,… Canada does rule, but not in every house or barn or end,… Remember the moments Canada already won, like when the coach gave the Russian. X-country skier a new ski,… When a team mate, moved over for a better skater,. We win when we play for peace, world peace. And we win when our hockey. Player’s goaltenders who’ll win gold, goes on to win Lord Stanely’s cup.

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