Damn Thud

I was let down again. Disappointment reigns. IMAG2350It was a writer’s workshop this time, an opportunity that almost seemed ideal, like it really would work. I was sure of that. Well, I wasn’t sure. Not quite that. But confident. And confident they would accept me. Almost. And then. Thud. Damn thud.20140104_131501I mean, I keep expecting something, at some point, to work. There should be. There must be. I mean, I get that it’s a struggle to find an agent and a publisher. I get that. But a workshop?! Come on! Not a workshop. What now? A deserted island. A mountaintop to clear my head. Damn thud. 20140104_131450Ugh and damn. When is this thing going to turn? The thing is to push ahead. To fight back. To make it work. And to drink. mcmanusYeah, at least do that.

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