Doubling Down on Anger

I am angry not because it’s the first step in any program but because no one is honest about who they are. Not one of us. The pandemic has made this clear.

After all of the drivel about finding oneself in the quiet of the lockdown – talk which lasted all of three days – the only thing that anyone did was consume and bitch and consume and consume and consume.

Worth saving? Why? We are fucked. And good riddance to us. Btw, I have a book about that, called Anori. It’s about leaving this planet so we go fuck up another one.

2 thoughts on “Doubling Down on Anger

  1. Who the hell said they were trying to find themselves during the pandemic? We are all trying to survive it without anxiety and insanity. I don’t know about you, but I need shit to do that. Thank God for Amazon! You can take my spot on the end of species line. I’ll be playing with my Oculus virtual headset and figuring out my fantasy football lineup.

    • I hear the angst! The social media postings that I saw at the outset of the pandemic were about reflecting ad nauseum. And, boy, that did not happen. (Btw, you should get Taylor out of your lineup. He’s got a groin thing.)

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