Ginger Ale: The Champagne of Soda

You can have your colas, un-colas and cream sodas, your spritely lemon limes and root beers…no soda matches a ginger ale. gingerIt doesn’t matter your age (5 or 105), the occasion (formal or on the sidewalk) or your state of being (puking or vibrant), a ginger ale is always crisp and delicious. I am no connoisseur, and I haven’t tasted them all, but Canada Dry is certainly the most reliable. 54canadadryBlenheim, of North Carolina, is hot and delicious, if you can find it. blenheimAnd for an incredibly gingery taste, there are always high-end options like the signature offering at En Japanese Brasserie in Tribeca. En gingerJust understand that it’s $9 a glass.

2 thoughts on “Ginger Ale: The Champagne of Soda

  1. Fentiman’s Ginger Brew from the UK will your face tingle and contort. It has also been known to induce sneezing.

    I don’t know where it is retailed in the US. It is slightly alcoholic (about 0.5% ABV).

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