Good Apocalypse

The city is in ruins, not still smoldering but that feeling there, the sky bright, endless, the depth terrifying and clear. IMAG3113There is nothing. And it is a good thing. 20140408_181741Yes, a good thing. It is not that people haven’t been lost. They have. They are distant and gone. There is a gap from that. But not as much as would be expected. 20140401_160751The screams have gone, not from dying, but the drunkenness, the all-knowingness, the certitude banged up against in the street, dumb-eyed, suddenly stopped, turning. There is none of that. 20140322_135650The quiet is sure. It is a free place, drifted to, away and alone, the climb to the top, the twist through the shoulders, feet firmly planted, hands tight, watching, clear-headed, almost happy with nothing on TV but Gilligan, too poignant, verging on Camus. gilliganBut the funny thing is I feel good, too good.20140401_153145And I know I should feel guilty about that.

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