Grief: Not News.

Conjecture on missing Malaysian Flight 370 might make for a good story, even if the cable channels bleed it dry.Grief: Not NewsThat said, relentlessly filming grieving relatives is not news. Nor will it ever be.

If these ambulance-chasers really want to get to the bottom of this kind of misery, all they have to do is read Agamemnon, indeed any Greek tragedy. Grief: Not NewsFailing that, they could kill each other – or go missing – and their relatives could be interviewed instead.Grief: Not News.The problem being that no one in their families would care, knowing the disingenuous and self-serving nature of these jabbering shits.

2 thoughts on “Grief: Not News.

  1. But wait, and yes, I’ll try to find Agamemnon and give it a read,.. but what if the news desk person said, “Get out there and get me shots of crying relatives, even get me the shot of you being punched at!” then the worker goes out and gets the lens into the face of the relative and gets punched,.. and ,.. then they get paid, and then they take their families on a holiday,.. then is it ok that they act that way with their cameras etc,… or should they quit in protest and then their families have to move out of their house and,…you still have CNN paying someone to do this dirty work,.. Turn off CNN and let them go bankrupt because they are already morally so.

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