Louis CK’s Circle Jerk

Louis CK kicked off his “Sorry” Tour last night at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Gardens, offering good bits on pedophilia and fucking as well as 911. But he didn’t talk about it, about masturbating in front of those women in his hotel room. Poor Louis.

Louis Ck Nude Aznude Men

It’s not like I was looking for a confession. It’s just that great comics use the material that’s closest to home, and Louis CK avoided it like the plague. And what’s with that? How many jokes are in bits about Louis whacking off to unsuspecting women? Seriously.

Comedians can’t bullshit. Like it or not, that’s the gig. Lesser knowns like Danny Cohen and Caitlin Peluffo confess to alcoholism and loneliness because that’s the real stuff, the stuff that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

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