Love Portal at 14th Street Station

Lots of people busk in the New York subway, but there is no show like this. 20140204_184902Love Portal is comprised of three guys who dance crazily, bouncing off each other and the walls, in this instance to Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild. 20140204_184851 20140204_185003 20140204_185024I have no idea what any of it meant, and I don’t think they were too clear about that either. 20140204_185206Said the guy with pantyhose over his face to the guy in the body-stocking after it was over, “What’s your name again?”

4 thoughts on “Love Portal at 14th Street Station

  1. A REALLY (!) beautiful woman (student) came into the studio from the ‘video & film’ dept to do some interviewing the last week.. and so, I introduced myself, and then she said, “Hi I’m Desowqterg2v%i^FnDeeDy,..” – I don’t think that I caught 1/2 of what she said,.. as I was just trying to stay composed,.. A few days went by and I learned her name was, ‘Destinee’ (actual spelling)! – And so,.. I thought, yeah, I thought she said that, but I thought that was just my right subinsular region including the claustrum, left caudate and putamen, right middle occipital/ middle temporal gyri, bilateral cingulate gyrus and right sensorimotor and pre‐motor regions talking,.. So,.. I got another chance to say “Hi” to her on Monday,.. and so I practiced because I knew she was coming to the studio,.. There she was, right then and there, walking in through the doors,.. Coming closer, closer, closer, she was right there! – (insert hard breath-in) “Good morning Destinee!” – I made it!,.. I remembered her name and I got to say it to her face, to her smiling, bright, cheerful, engaging face, framed by rolling waves of thick brown hair,… standing there all tall and warm in her snug-fitting light brown sweater, fitted jeans and high-cut brown leather boots,… – Maybe that’s how that guy felt a little,..?

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