Meh Meme

The word ‘meh‘ isn’t much of anything; it isn’t a word, not even a thought. But it does reflect our mediocre lot, this meh species of ours. 20140428_185429Rather than being clever, as we purport, we have addled ourselves with half-realizations mirroring our stasis. Meh. We live emptiness, half to and from nothing, cloaked in a pretended indifference that we use to mask our terror and ignorance. That’s our meme: not bad, not good, just sitting in the back, waiting for class to end. 20140427_193914Plagued by likes, tweets and blogs, anything to avoid the realization of our inevitable demise, our dull species continues back to irrelevance, our genesis, a meh meme of our end.20140426_123808