Overlooked Manhattan: Dubuffet’s “Group of Four Trees”

Chase Plaza, between William and Broad Streets in Downtown Manhattan, offers that rare trifecta: light, space and art. 20150308_094110Jean Dubuffet’s Group of Four Trees dominates the space. 20150308_093840Made of fiberglass, aluminum and steel, Jean Dubeffet’s work was erected in 1972 and stands four stories tall.20150308_094010 20150308_093910 20150308_094032The sculpture is one of the 14,000 works in Chase Manhattan’s private collection.*20150308_093759This being one of the few that the public can see.

(*According to Manhattan’s Downtown Alliance)

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  1. That is great! And in the same Chase Plaza, there is also the Sunken Garden sculpture by Isamu Noguchi- a pearl! Thanks for these insights into overlooked Manhattan.

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