People’s Climate March in New York City

The People’s Climate March was crowded, the New York Times reporting 311,000 people in attendance, a walking mass stretching from 86th to 34th Street and many avenues in between. 20140921_151914The message was clear. capitalist signThe best moment of the event was the silence at 12:58, a full two minutes, no speaking, no one at all, the only sound a helicopter hovering overhead.20140921_125711Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the five-hour tour. 20140921_13494620140921_130516wwvetEven if many realized how futile it all may be.

7 thoughts on “People’s Climate March in New York City

  1. Yes and here at 23rd – there was a large traffic jam (horns honking endlessly) mainly caused by buses that were waiting for marchers. Many of the transports were idling at the curb presumably to make sure the coach was comfortably air conditioned…

  2. I wish I had flown in for that,… The ‘truth’ is we’re all complicate sinners (aka hypocrites) in this story line, spoke the man wearing a long sleeved cotton shirt with Patagonia sweater,.. inside in an, as of yet unheated office. I rail against ‘Big-Oil’ for my Facebook friends to see, then cheer on Ferrari’s F1 team,.. and fill-up Penny with V-power. – – but – but – I can explain,.. you see if ‘millions’ tune-in to watch a Formula 1 race around the world then they aren’t driving their cars, so we watch a few cars burn hundreds of liters of racing fuel while not burning millions of liters of consumer gasoline,.. and F1 now has a huge interest in fuel economy that will find uses in tomorrows transportation network,.. = justifications for burning the world to hell. “It’s not ME – it’s the other guy”,.. sure it is…

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