Sex: Lust at Heart

Espousing virtue when it comes to desire is a tenuous thing. This is not just because sex is often considered dirty by those proclaiming a purity of heart but more so that the self-same go incognito in pursuit of their own lust.Through the blindsThe internet provides the opportunity to delve into erotic fantasies, case and point being this blog, which had a surge of thousands of hits over the past few days from searches for “Jade Elizabeth Bachelor Playboy”. PornlandiaThis virtual world of sex amounts to a reported $14 billion annually, which means that porn, as shadowy as so many claim it to be, is a reality for the silent majority. nyuAnd so what of it? Can it not be left at that? Must there be shame attached to sexual desire? Why must there be some self-damning awareness for craving nakednesss?Screenshot (932)

Surely no one can claim anything wrong with the impulse, nothing out of the natural order. It would seem to be one of the great things about being alive.foam-party-a9l2However the lectures on decency and propriety always follow, inspiring schizophrenia in the listener, who must fight a natural impulse. Indeed, trying to be good and pure isn’t just difficult; it’s impossible.

The most common route – and most damaging – is to find shame in the desire and target the object of lust for this witchThis violent demonization of sexual imagery, turning women into disposable objects, is founded upon a system where men seek to control women through mysogenic messaging.perfumeIt’s a lame-brain rouse that has dragged on for thousands of years (Yes, literally thousands.).a-scantily-clad-pamela-anderson-starred-in-this-ad-which-was-banned-in-montreal-because-it-was-sexist

The issue is skewed, everything muddled between the left and right brain, just because of the premise that there might be something wrong with desire.

statuesA sensible route would be to simply exit these sanctums gated by moral doctrine, therefore rejecting the shame that judgement wields.naked parkour

And then the object of desire is no longer the issue, and instead it is only a matter of understanding and accepting the passion in oneself…and then clicking a button to see what’s thereScreenshot (928)

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