Some Things To Get Out

I played goal for the Canadian Women’s national soccer team in a game against Costa Rica. I made a couple of solid saves, no rebounds, and we won the game. I am still surprised that I never get any recognition for that.

I flirted with Kim Basinger when she was young and was on the verge of kissing her after my joke about expensive encyclopedias. But then I lost her in the crowd.

I went to prison or camp after I told everyone I wanted to join the student government because they got away with spanking everyone. I actually went down the stairs, yelling that I was changing my major to PoliSci.

I awoke, thinking that I could use all of this in Mina. It was all so real. I would just have to flesh out the characters in a dramatic setting. And then I realized it worked better for Aqaara as that was set entirely on a spaceship.

And then I realized, just now, that none of it worked at all.

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