Spider Scab

Davis scratched at his belly as he slept, absently thinking that gum was stuck to his stomach, but it was a clump of clotted blood. It was a spider bite. The bite became red, spreading across his abdomen. It hurt to scratch. And he was hungry, terribly so, constant and painful, a need he could not satisfy, He put ointment on the bite, and then  the scab was firm, impossible to get off. Davis would not give up and finally dug it out. Hundreds of things fell out, tiny black dots that grew legs, and scampered away, baby spiders. He woke up at that, terrified that his stomach was full of baby spiders and then relieved it was only a dream. The scab was still there, and he picked at the edges, until it finally came off. Nothing fell out, but there was a bit that came out from inside, and that looked like a dead spider. He thought he would wake up again but didn’t.

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