Super Bowl Boulevard: A Whole Lotta Nothing

The Super Bowl is in New York with the cold hype of hyping hype.20140128_121359Broadway is closed from 47th down to 34th with kiosks and sad fanfare. 20140129_165423They recommend pre-registration, but it doesn’t even work, not the badges, neither the machines.20140129_202021There is a promise of giveaways, kicking field goals, seeing the Vince Lombardi trophy, playing trivia contests. 20140129_19324720140129_165624But the process is slow, often broken, with the long lines stuck in the dark, cold and endless. 20140129_192655

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Boulevard: A Whole Lotta Nothing

  1. Looks like my kind of fun – cheer-leaders all dressed up in warm body suits – it gets my imagination going wild,..

    Who-ever thought holding the Super-Bowl in NYC in Feb was a good idea was stoned,.. I’d say give them a drug test,..

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