I’m the Most Fucking Balanced Person Alive!

We had the misfortune of renting our house to a most demanding and impolite person this August. We were inundated with shrill emails, even before she arrived, that were terribly demanding, often angry, to say nothing of being typo-graphically challenged:

We ve Rented enough houses out here to know what’s acceptable and this is not. Rented us a house where there are several issues and if you would like me to leave a favorable response on VRBO which could make or break your rental business you should fix these problems ASAP. do-it-nowWe addressed every one of her concerns, sometimes three per day, and all of them minor; nevertheless the invective flow would not cease:

Could not use the pool at night due to no lights since we checked in. Had to fight to get CnN & basic cable. There  is no gas grill. We also did not expect to have to remove our own trash — this has become like camping. GC140520_CampShe sent this last message from her work email, from which we learned she was a yoga instructor, and more than that, an author of a yoga book; she in fact had a Facebook persona that promoted herself as a balanced and thoughtful individual. yoga-at-sunsetAccepting the ” what is ” of many situations allows for a lot more peace … Many times we are stressed or upset up from our own desire to make things different than they are. This applies to love relationships. friendships locations — life & The world.

As exhausting and frustrating as this person was, the difference was stunningly amusing.Dr-Jekyll-y-Mr-Hyde

Indeed she was something that is likely becoming common in our bandwidth world: a social media Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.