Making a ‘Bad Side’ Movie

It looks like we might make a short film out of the opening scene of My Bad Side. Yesterday, I met with Mike, a filmmaker, to discuss this possibility. The opening scene (written in Blog #1 “The Beginning”) runs like this: Dee comes home in a cab, talks with the doorman and then confronts Derek in her apartment, and when she realizes that Derek has shot her exotic cat Apollo, she wrestles the gun from him, shoots him, and flees the building (and city) with her wounded serval.

Serval in the wild

It was a dynamic discussion, focusing on how to shoot each scene: cab, outside building, elevator and inside apartment. Is it a yellow cab? How old is the doorman? Is the TV on in the apartment? Exactly how does she get the gun? We also discussed how to light, costume and cast. One thing we decided immediately is that we will not be using a serval for the shoot (as exotic pets are illegal in the New York) and are considering my dog Biba instead.

Biba cast as a serval

the clock

See The Clock by Christian Marclay. It is playing in Toronto at the Power Plant September through November 2012.

It is a 24-hour film that runs real time using clips from thousands of films (and some TV). As many have said, it is a hypnotic experience. See it for as long as possible. I planned to attend for a 2-3 hours and stayed for over 14 and really wanted to stay longer…but they closed it at 10pm that night.

More on the film can be seen here.

My watch on rocks