Scene from “Glenayr” Expunged

Expunged scene from Glenayr:

DAVIS smokes a joint behind The Morrissey Bar with ERDLEY and SUE ANN.

SUE ANN (Smoking the joint): My brother Andy isn’t so bad. You know why he’s so angry? He saw our father drown. All of it right in front of his eyes.

ERDLEY: No shit?

SUE ANN: We were in the Caribbean, snorkeling, and he, like, swam off, looking for buried treasure or something. And then just sunk. (Pause) He had a seizure. That’s what they said. Dead. The guide went after him. He drowned too.

ERDLEY (Stunned): No.

SUE ANN: My brother was floating on the surface. He saw the guy grab my father’s leg. Saw both of them sink into the darkness. (Continues to smoke the joint) Little Andy saw everything. We came back with our father in a casket.

ERDLEY: Holy fuck.

DAVIS: Were you close to him?

SUE ANN gives the end of the joint – with barely anything left – to DAVIS.

SUE ANN: The worst part was seeing the moray eels bite off his head.

ERDLEY: An eel? What?

SUE ANN: (Going back inside The Morrissey): Jesus, you fuckwits, you believed me?

ERDLEY: No. Really?

I Will Be Content After This Drink

I just need this drink to be content. I Will Be Content After This DrinkJust that, the refreshment, the alcohol in my blood at the right percentage. I Will Be Content After This DrinkAh, yes…there! I am content, genuinely and truly so.

It’s nice to feel like this, to have everything set, the holidays approaching, the weather cool and crisp, all emails answered, assignments managed, my work going fine. I Will Be Content After This DrinkMy Bad Side will be published one day, The Ark is finally coming together, and the first draft of Glenayr is almost there. Friends and family are healthy – Micaela happy and More Art prospering – and the Leafs are actually winning.I Will Be Content After This Drink

Yes, everything is all right…although, now that I think about it, the Leafs could be more consistent, especially in the defensive end.

I Will Be Content After This DrinkAnd, well, my brother won’t talk to me, and More Art could use more grant money.  Glenayr lacks a clear antagonist, and, to be honest, The Ark will be impossible to finish. I Will Be Content After This DrinkAn email from Fedex? Claim rejected? Damn it, I forgot to call my doctor, and I have to set up the website for next week. Yeah, and it’s going to snow.

I Will Be Content After This DrinkWhat? And the bar is closed? I Will Be Content After This DrinkNo, that’s not good.