The Trump-Clinton Reality TV Mini-Series

The talking heads stare back, beleaguered, telling us of the ugliness, how unpresidential it has become. cnntalkingThey count down the days in feigned exhaustion. Only 29 days until another president will be elected, and more importantly, when the spin cycle can begin anew and the next batch of ne’er-do-wells can be stoned.clintontrumpThe talking heads say everything they can think of and they say it again and again – emails, rapists, locker room talk –  except about how their ratings are only as good as the race is bad, that the crummier they make it, the more Viagra they sell. buy-cialisAnd so that’s what we do. We consume this reality TV, hoping that next season, in just four short years, the chosen one might appear and take care of us forever.chris-harrison-bachelor-interview-ftr

Writing and The Mighty Mo

To write, you need momentum, you need to keep moving ahead, anything to avoid sitting like a lump, clicking from one stupid thing to another. Screenshot (111)I promise that I will stop after the next image. Screenshot (121)Just one more website. Screenshot (117)One more. Screenshot (123)But I keep doing it…like a child. Screenshot (122)Absolutely nothing in my head. Screenshot (120)Until finally I decide to blog on that very thing, my inertia. And do it. Screenshot (172)And then get back to actually writing again, a character suddenly stepping in.

I stay focused, and then…lose my step, damn it, and think of what I might be missing. And open the browser again.Screenshot (118)That’s a cute fucking dog. Can’t deny that.