Rush Hour Walk

He went into the oncoming pedestrians, half of them on their phones, and failed to pull his shoulder back, knocking the woman, intent on her messages, sideways. Rush Hour WalkAnother was coming right after her, protecting a plastic bag. Rush Hour Walk“What ya got in there?”

“A crystal palace.”

“Looks like some bullshit trophy to me.” Rush Hour Walk“Come on, man, have a heart.” The homeless man was on his knees, hat and sweater askew. “Jesus had a heart for you.” Rush Hour WalkHe cut around him and hurried down the stairs to the 5 train.

Homeless Indifference

While walking home last night, we witnessed a group of low-riding biker kids rocket along the sidewalks of 56th Street. They swerved through the few pedestrians and then around a homeless man asleep against a building. homeless_man“We should jump him!” Two of them spun back while another brought out his cellphone to record. It was an easy jump, and they laughed about that.

I was incensed. “You guys are a bunch of assholes!”

They looked back, half smiling, grunting. What was the big deal? It was just some homeless guy. And off they went.Man_sleeping_on_Canadian_sidewalk

We thought about calling the police but knew that would get the homeless man in trouble as well. And so that was that.