Writing and The Mighty Mo

To write, you need momentum, you need to keep moving ahead, anything to avoid sitting like a lump, clicking from one stupid thing to another. Screenshot (111)I promise that I will stop after the next image. Screenshot (121)Just one more website. Screenshot (117)One more. Screenshot (123)But I keep doing it…like a child. Screenshot (122)Absolutely nothing in my head. Screenshot (120)Until finally I decide to blog on that very thing, my inertia. And do it. Screenshot (172)And then get back to actually writing again, a character suddenly stepping in.

I stay focused, and then…lose my step, damn it, and think of what I might be missing. And open the browser again.Screenshot (118)That’s a cute fucking dog. Can’t deny that.

Palmyra: History on its Side

Palmyra has slipped behind the ISIS shroud, a terrible thing not just for the 50,000 inhabitants but also for the ancient place itself.
Syria 227Syria 226Syria 238I had the privilege of visiting Palmyra in 2010 and was entranced, like many, by its remarkably picturesque setting. Syria 250Syria 213The city has seen its share of conquests over its 9,500 year history, from prehistoric times through Queen Zenobia to the present day.Syria 254Hopefully this dark chapter will soon be closed.Syria 216