Character Tattoos

Personally, I don’t understand tattoos. As much as I might be fascinated by Hannah Arendt at the moment, I think it would be a mistake to get a tattoo. hannaarendtsudomenica16ye8The same is true for Kiribati.

Kiribatan flag

Kiribatan flag

It’s even true for Victoria’s Secret. sexy witch nameAll of that said, a tattoo can be good short form for an aspect of a character in fiction. It’s a device I am toying with at the moment in The Ark. One character is a video game addict. video-game-famous-characters-tattoosAnother says little. away tattooAnd the last, ironically, overstates.tree tattoo

Kiribati in “The Ark”

The story of The Ark has drifted briefly into the Pacific Ocean and a collection of islands known as Kiribati. kiribatiThe location is one of the poorest nations in the world and is best known by Westerners as the site of The Battle of Tarawa in World War IIkiribati junkand the most likely nation to vanish due to global warming. Book your tickets quick.kiribati beach