Plumbing Artist: Cristian Daniel Torres

Cristian Daniel Torres is a plumber and an artist.Plumbing Artist: Cristian Daniel TorresHis creations are enigmatic, evoking child-like wonderPlumbing Artist: Cristian Daniel TorresSome are mechanical, even functional. (Click the image below to see him demonstrate a computer desk.)Plumbing Artist: Cristian Daniel TorresAll of the work can be seen at Mr. Torres’ studio at Local Project in Long Island City, Queens.

New York Cranes

The New York Crane is not a rare bird. It can be see everywhere in the city, especially in Downtown Manhattan. IMAG2180As awkward and innocuous as they may appear, they have a tendency to collapse.

91st Street - 2008

91st Street – May 2008

34th Street - April 2012

34th Street – April 2012

51st Street -2012

57th Street -October 2012

Long Island City - 2013

Long Island City – January 2013

It is nerving to see Downtown Manhattan resemble a nesting ground for these cranes.

Nassau and Anne Streets

Nassau and Anne Streets

John Street

John and Nassau Streets

World Trade Center Site

World Trade Center Site

No matter how well these things might be functioning, I must admit to half-expecting one of them to “fall like a dinosaur” at any moment. I look forward to the day when they find another place to roost.