The Russian Revolution after this Commercial Break

Americans have hyped the Sochi Olympics with anti-glee, reveling in every problem with tweets and drivel. AP_Twin_Toilets_bc_140202_16x9_992While they have perhaps begun to tone down their ritualistic vitriol for the opening ceremonies, they can’t let go of old prejudices.

Promised NBC commentators¬†Lauer, Viera and Remnick,during the opening ceremonies, “The Russian revolution coming up after this commercial break…”0207-SOCHI-OPENING-CEREMONY_full_600“The revolution is probably the touchiest period in Russian history,” they continued. “The turmoil in Soviet society,¬†without ever mentioning the word Lenin.”sochi-4rings-43e35e1df7a0a2018b984580dd41b3d4adab90f6-s6-c30“They are proud of Ladas here,” they moved on. “Unfortunately they became a punchline for the rest of the world.”AP_putin_olympics_sk_140207_16x9_608“This is Vladimir Putin’s Russia,” they concluded. “And he is insisting that we look at the political power of Russia tonight.”37713_G08_W01Look out. Here come the ballet dancers.