New York’s Miss Subways (and Oscar predictions)

We visited the Transit Museum in Brooklyn today which included a series from an antiquated pageant, Miss Subway (1941-76)….IMAG0018

IMAG0017As well as advertisements with dated pitches…  IMAG0023 IMAG0025 IMAG0024

Does that come with a paper bag and straw?

Oscar Predictions

Will Win                                            Should Win

Picture                 Argo                                                 Amour

Director               Steven Spielberg                              Michael Haneke

Actor                    Daniel Day Lewis                             Joaquin Phoenix

Actress                 Jessica Chastain                             Emmanuelle Riva

S. Actor                Tommy Lee Jones                           Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Sup. Actress        Sally Field                                        None of those nominated

Cinema                Claudio Miranda (Pi)                        Mihai Mailimari (Master)

Script                    Django Unchained                           Moonrise Kingdom

Most ridiculous nomination: Argo for editing. This film had no less than six cliff-hangers at the end, all of which were blundering and predictable. For this film to be nominated in this category, the final 20 minutes would have to be removed.