Obsession V: Tickets Stubs

I have been obsessive with saving ticket stubs for over thirty years – a time frame that seems to parallel my rock collection. IMAG2620This isn’t to say I’ve saved every one of them, but I still have the stub from my first concert, The Who at Maple Gardens in 1980.  IMAG2608There have been a lot of hockey games…IMAG2610a clear and intense obsession with The Grateful Dead…IMAG2599NCAA basketball…IMAG2625and more recently many shows at BAM, Carnegie Hall and the Met. IMAG2606Some events I remember better than others. Some I completely forget.IMAG2614They’re just pieces of paper, some just printouts, but still it’s good to remember where most of my money has gone.

Fulton Street Fires & NCAA Basketball Picks

The New York City Fire Department came to put out a fire on Fulton Street just behind us on Sunday, March 17, a four-alarm fire…and then they were back less than 24 hours later to put out another. Fulton Street Fires & NCAA Basketball Picks“It’s doubtful that there was a hotspot from yesterday,” said FDNY Chief John Esposito. “The fire was in a different area and we had people on the scene last night until six o’clock.”

We watched as firefighters hosed it down the second time for hours and then threw bits of concrete on the smoldering mess (click on the image for your viewing pleasure) while we made our NCAA basketball picks. Fulton Street Fires & NCAA Basketball Picks I’ve got New Mexico all the way.