Nick Cave Squared

I visited a gallery in Chelsea two years ago and saw a collection of costumes designed by Nick Cave. Phone 091I had no idea that Nick Cave was such a Renaissance Man until that moment. I only knew that he was a singer, something I initially learned from his performance in the 1987 film, Wings of Desirenick-cave-wings-of-desireI listened sporadically to his music over the years after that and saw him on Thursday night at the Beacon Theater where he was most animated, cavorting across the stage, and yelling out the words. 05_Nick-Cave-I was also impressed at his humility. Not once did he mention his other show, Heard, a new art installation on display at Grand Central Station throughout the week. IMAG2502I attended the event the next day and delighted – yes, delighted – as the performers paraded and danced to the drum and harp. (Click the video to see.)Screenshot (40)It really was amazing how different this work was from his music on stage. And then I did a little research and found out that there are in fact two Nick Caves. nick-cave-heard-ny-grand-I then recalled the saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Indeed what if I had mixed up Nick Cave with Nick Drake or Nick Cage? nick cageWhat kinds of assumptions would have I made then?