Where are the signs?

Where am I? Do I just stay here and wait? Where are the signs? Am I supposed to follow everyone else? Or is the next train coming here? 20160818_222008Do I go into the terminal? Are the stairs the only way? Where are the bloody signs? Do I go into the terminal? How can I do that if my ticket won’t scan? It can’t be there. 20160818_081403Am I really supposed to go all the way back down the stairs? Where are the fucking– On a pillar? The back of a pillar where nobody can see it? Are you serious? It’s impossible to see when the next train– Oh, 7:45. 7:45? And it’s…7:46? 20160819_100002Are these trains on time? Is this the stairway? Is that the…? Yes, they run on time. Wonderful. Fucking amazing. Another hour to wait for the next one. Should I even bother? Shouldn’t I just go home? 20160818_081357I’ll write it down. That will make it better, get rid of my frustration. Fine, I’ll do that. Where is it? Where’s my fucking pen?!?

Overhyped New York: Calatrava’s Oculus

Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus has finally been opened…sort of. Click here for video.
Overhyped New York: Calatrava's OculusAccessible through a series of corridors winding through the construction, the cathedral-like commuter hub is populated solely by tourists. Overhyped New York: Calatrava's OculusOverhyped New York: Calatrava's OculusOverhyped New York: Calatrava's OculusIt will take more time – and money? – to make the $3.74 billion space accessible for commuters.Overhyped New York: Calatrava's Oculus

Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus

New York City’s PATH Transit Hub, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is starting to look like something. Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's OculusThe so-called Oculus, to be completed for an estimated $4 billion, is supposed to open December 17, 2015. In the meantime, the sparks continue to fly. 
Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's OculusClick on the full two-minute video here, to see all the sparks:

Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's Oculus