My Holiday Malaise

A certain malaise descends on me at this time of year. 20140917_183324It is not so much the growing dark – although I am sure that plays a part – so much as the descent into the ‘holiday’ season, a time of year synonymous not for giving and family but for greed and accumulation. 20141122_154013Human nature does not have a positive connotation for a reason; it just isn’t good. We take and hoard until we can almost forget what we really are, even if is for just the briefest of moments. 20140922_161653We say things and make promises, actually believing some of the profundities we claim…. but there is nothing of substance, just the shell of something half-built, the world always the same as before. 20140921_125707The slogans and liquor wear off and we are as we started, creatures who want more.

Aeschylus, Shakespeare and Saramago have had a few things to write about this, but in the end they’re just words, like these, read and discarded on the road to the next thing, the next electronic gadget.

Solar-bikini-powered ipod

Solar-bikini-powered ipod

And so, yeah, I can feel a little low – as Black Friday et. al. approach – and dream about the darkness in Greenland, being alone with the aurora borealis and nobody else.greenland northern lights

People’s Climate March in New York City

The People’s Climate March was crowded, the New York Times reporting 311,000 people in attendance, a walking mass stretching from 86th to 34th Street and many avenues in between. 20140921_151914The message was clear. capitalist signThe best moment of the event was the silence at 12:58, a full two minutes, no speaking, no one at all, the only sound a helicopter hovering overhead.20140921_125711Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the five-hour tour. 20140921_13494620140921_130516wwvetEven if many realized how futile it all may be.