Why Do I Watch My Phone Update Itself?

Why do I watch my phones screen as the blue lines race across, one after the other, until one box snaps in on itself and a message appears at the top and the arrow, indicating some kind of digital success? samsung-galaxy-s2-android-4-updateWhy do I wait as the next box engages, the little blue lines race again, when my screen suddenly goes dark – my phone shutting off?!?

Why do I jab at the power button, only to realize that the phone was wisely saving power as it took all this new stuff in, one program after the other – google, ebay, text-to-speech, printer services, security, anti-virus, maps and my account, 19 programs in the end – and now was ready to go? lookoutWhy do I think that my phone is now utterly up-to-date when I know the device will only have to be updated again?

(And why the hell am I writing about this?)