Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus

New York City’s PATH Transit Hub, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is starting to look like something. Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's OculusThe so-called Oculus, to be completed for an estimated $4 billion, is supposed to open December 17, 2015. In the meantime, the sparks continue to fly. 
Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's OculusClick on the full two-minute video here, to see all the sparks:

Sparks Fly from Santiago Calatrava's Oculus

New York Images: Calatrava to Bieber

A few New York images:

Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Transportation Hub

               Santiago Calatrava’s World Trade Transportation Hub going up

Not Quite Eye-to-Eye

                                                           Not Quite Eye-to-Eye

$100 per three weeks ago

                                  From $100 each to garbage in just three weeks


                                                   A musical comedy perhaps?