My Problem with the President’s Selfies

President Obama is a fine leader. Calm and judicious, he has tried to apply common sense in a time where few seem to give a damn.

Although he hasn’t applied the same reasoned approach as of late.

Nelson Mandela's funeral

Nelson Mandela’s funeral

David+Ortiz+selfie+with+President+Obama+cropIt seems that he has forgotten that selfie tomfoolery is beneath his office, connecting him too much to ‘folks’ like these…bieber KK1 selfie-selfie-beautiful-girl-1382219169He just needs to be reminded of where this road goes.

Carlos Danger

Carlos Danger

Mute and Dense, Staring Back

It stared back, mute and dense, the black eyes, unknowing. a-hot-girls-photo-mirrors-2Seeing it, so dull, so obviously a mutation of a mutation with ridiculous purpose, its bloated sense of self, misguided as to think – think? – it had significance, like it actually had ideas that meant something. Screenshot (100)I looked across it, at the passing light and the shadows coming up, and tried not to think.Screenshot (83)I swung out before either of us knew it, and smacked the glass hard, indenting the top half, cracking it down the center. It was a good hit. Solid. It looked like a whale breaching, half out of the water, turning away, the stratification of its underbelly completely out, coming together at the top edge. Breaching humpback whale in TongaMy face was on one side of that now, the same, just warped at the edge by the balene indentation It didn’t reflect. The sides of the glass pushed out, the wood behind. 600full-thru-the-mirror-screenshotMy hand was bleeding.