What’s Happened to Anderson Cooper?

I’ve liked Anderson Cooper ever since he stood outside in the hurricane winds in New Orleans; it wasn’t so much that he looked good as he was earnest. cooper050912_400Anderson Cooper has always been one for the more empathetic side of news, human interest, and he was good at that, good at sounding authoritative and in such a friendly way. pv_22970_001_0461sv_2But it seems that he’s fallen off a terrible daytime cliff these days, showing youtube clips of babies eating pickles and chatting with his co-host Snooki (of Jersey Shore infamy) about the dumbest of dumbness, including the possibility of drinking her breast milk. anderson-cooper-gifts-snooki-baby-sweet-giftIs this some kind of ethical meltdown? Or does he just need to find a good disaster to get back on track?