The Credo of Thanksgiving: Buy More

This just in: America’s great holiday is a sham.pilgrims_color_631While the advertising world spins Thanksgiving as a holiday of generosity and love, it has devolved into something else.

Wednesday: Go home. hero_EB20001112REVIEWS0811120301AR

Thursday: Eat too much and then eat more. fat-guy-eating-a-lot-of-food.1Friday: Get up incredibly early and engage in contact shopping. black-friday-shoppersSaturday: Look at your things. ewaste_recycle076_5aSunday: Go home with your new things.Grinching Out

Monday: Buy more things on-line.Screenshot (215)

Tuesday: Give loose change to someone with nothing.bp14

Or not.0_0_0_0_485_232_csupload_50888854