Fuck Christmas

Christmas is like a politician: all promises but a liar in the end. UnknownWhile there might be gatherings and good wishes and fond regards, I can’t say that I am buoyed by any of these facile exchanges, given our on-going state of affairs. 141125-ferguson-protest-nyc-2003_f0a068f95e3919546018b9ced8b19245As for the songs, lights and trees, we all know where all of these things end up. 20140104_131303That just leaves the presents, the bags of things that the wealthy can exchange in excitement and glee. 130_0207_026_z+2006_SEMA_auto_show+car_mate_mercedez_benzAnd the extravagances that the not-so-rich can’t afford but have been indoctrinated to believe they must have to find happiness. samsung-tv-reviewsAnd then there’s whatever left for all of the rest. 20140414_110415And so, yes, you will have to forgive me for being so rude, but: “Fuck Christmas.”images

The Credo of Thanksgiving: Buy More

This just in: America’s great holiday is a sham.pilgrims_color_631While the advertising world spins Thanksgiving as a holiday of generosity and love, it has devolved into something else.

Wednesday: Go home. hero_EB20001112REVIEWS0811120301AR

Thursday: Eat too much and then eat more. fat-guy-eating-a-lot-of-food.1Friday: Get up incredibly early and engage in contact shopping. black-friday-shoppersSaturday: Look at your things. ewaste_recycle076_5aSunday: Go home with your new things.Grinching Out

Monday: Buy more things on-line.Screenshot (215)

Tuesday: Give loose change to someone with nothing.bp14

Or not.0_0_0_0_485_232_csupload_50888854