Oh Joy! Rapture! Wizard of Oz in 3D

The Wizard of Oz is not so much a spectacle as it is a wonder. scarecrow1It is the details of the enterprise – recently re-released in 3D – the dialogue and characters as much as the make-up and set design. WitchesCastle2

When Dorothy plummets with her house into Oz, after the whirling symphonic chaos of the twister, the sequence ends in dead silence broken by Dorothy blurting, “Oh!”Screenshot (24)These small and wonderful things punctuate the film. A lonely peacock wanders around the Tinman’s house. The Cowardly Lion sings of genuflecting chipmunks. A flying monkey’s face is immersed in poisonous smoke. And Toto, energetically wagging his tail, is in almost every shot, following the troupe on their quest.

Toto watches over all

Toto watching over all

Yes, the songs and dance numbers are something to behold, but in the end, it’s really all in the fluffy green gloves.

Oz Guard's Fluffy Green Gloves

Oz Guard’s Fluffy Green Gloves