Ruins Throwdown: Termessos vs. Ephesus

I know nothing about antiquity. Let me start with that. I cannot distinguish between Hellenistic and Roman architecture, let alone Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. IMG_4203But I do know what I like about these ancient sites: the wonder of a place lived in so long ago and the time to imagine what the times might have been like to experience. IMG_4229Ephesus, on Turkey’s west coast, is heralded as second only to Pompeii in its magnificence as an entire city almost left intact; however instead of conveying¬†wonder, it has been obscenely reconstructed and is awash with tourists. 20140711_093325Termessos, a ruin a few hundred miles to the east, is not so well tramped and is a place for the imagination to run wild. IMG_3942Straddling a low mountainous pass, the Pisidian city offers a remarkable necropolis complex, colonnade and theater, to say nothing of unparalleled views for miles around. IMG_4024Yes, it was hot – ¬†almost 100 degrees – and steep, and our water ran short, but there was an abundance of solitude and silence, allowing this long gone world to almost open, even if just a crack.IMG_3964